VPN Provider Strongvpn

Strongvpn was founded in 1994 in South Lake Tahoe in California. The name of the company is to provide the ability to signal a strong virtual private network (VPN). After Strongvpn.com first sold PCs, the company focused since 1995 on the Internet. In particular, the server housing prompted the company to move to San Francisco. The new headquarters was the perfect spot for a secure and effective work with servers: Fast and convenient data transfer, peering (Association of computer networks for data exchange) and an accelerated growth were now possible. In 2012, the company has 36 employees, with the core team working together since 1995. The staff are experts in the systems Windows, Linux and Mac. The customer service is open 365 days a year and around the clock to help. The main data center is located in San Francisco, manages over 1100 servers, and offers uninterrupted power supply, latest air conditioning technology and highest safety standards. In addition to the VPN-Service Black Oak offers computer under reliablehosting.com also web hosting and servers. Read more at topvpnprovider.net