More security on your travels with VPN

For three out of four Germans, the smartphone is an essential part of their holiday luggage. 41 percent take their tablet with them. Even the laptop is an important travel utensil for more than a third. This is the result of a study by the digital association Bitkom. The digital helpers do not only point the way to the holiday destination.

They are camera and means of communication in one. Or they can be used as a TV substitute so that you don’t have to do without your favourite series even on holiday.

Despite all the serenity on holiday, one thing should not be forgotten:

Private data and networked devices need special protection, especially on the move. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) not only offers security, but also has other advantages for travellers.

But first, what is a VPN?

A VPN automatically sets up secure connections to hotspots and transmits information only in encrypted form. Travellers are protected against data theft, data protection violations, malware and cyber attacks while connected to a public WLAN.

And so holidaymakers benefit from a VPN:

1. protection in the public WLAN

Whether at the airport, in the hotel or in the beach café – the public WLAN, which is usually free of charge, is especially handy when travelling. Here you can call up the weather forecast for the next day, send a photo to those at home or book the next hotel. However, public Wi-Fi hotspots are largely unprotected. Due to the lack of encryption, hackers can easily obtain personal data, passwords or log-in data for online banking. And they take advantage of that. A VPN provides more security: It encrypts all data that is transmitted.

2. access to streaming services

Thanks to VPN, travellers do not have to do without their favourite series even on holiday. Some TV formats are only available in certain countries. If the holiday destination is not one of them, VPN access helps. This makes it easy to change the virtual location of the laptop. The desired country is selected in the VPN service settings and the desired series is already available. The same applies to all online services or streaming subscriptions.

3. cheaper prices for online shopping

Online merchants collect specific information about the buyers on their platform, for example where the buyer is currently located or which terminal he is using. Product recommendations are issued and prices adjusted accordingly. Flights, rental cars or hotels can vary in price depending on the location or device from which they are booked. With the help of a VPN, the actual location can be concealed. Information about the device used is also not transmitted.

4. protection for private information

A VPN does not only ensure carefree surfing in the public WLAN. It also helps to keep private data really private. For example, travelers can keep their current location secret if they use a VPN, because the current location is not transmitted. In countries where online activities are spied on by the government, a VPN also offers protection. All information is transmitted in encrypted form, making it unreadable for third parties.