Use SmartDNSProxy to unblock Streaming TV

The net, which was invented to bring us together, seems to be doing simply bringing folks apart. Before, the net wasn’t as popular as it is today. The net was a fad, which most people thought would run its course. Yet, as opposed to the internet running its course, it is become more closed off. … [Read more…]

Top Strategies for the Best Internet Security in 2023

Create an image of a modern workspace with a high-tech computer showing various cybersecurity software interfaces. Surrounding the computer, include representations of top internet security strategies like strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, encrypted communication, regular updates, and advanced firewalls. Illustrate these strategies with icons or visual elements such as locked padlocks, fingerprint scanners, shield symbols, digital encryption codes, and update notifications to emphasize their importance in 2023.

Top Strategies for the Best Internet Security in 2023 In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, ensuring the best internet security in 2023 is more vital than ever. With the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, individuals and businesses must adopt robust measures to protect their sensitive information. This article outlines the top strategies to … [Read more…]

Navigating Online Security and Privacy with Linux-Based VPN Solutions

Navigating Online Security and Privacy with Linux-Based VPN Solutions

In today’s digital age, the importance of online security and privacy cannot be overstated. With the increasing amount of sensitive data being transmitted over the internet, protecting this information has become paramount. Linux, known for its robust security features, provides an excellent platform for implementing VPN solutions. Using a VPN on Linux enhances your online … [Read more…]

VPN vs Proxy – Whats better?

VPN, Smart DNS, Proxies: The Good, The Not-so-Good and The Ugly Those who are looking for some kind of security solution that would allow private and anonymous internet browsing activities, there are usually two tools that you would come across with: a VPN and a Proxy. There is also a third option which is called … [Read more…]

The Geoblocking Ordinance

The Geoblocking Regulation officially entered into force. Trusted Shops shows what traders now have to consider due to the change in the law. The Geoblocking Ordinance (VO) officially came into force on 3 December of this year. Online merchants have to adapt to numerous changes. Trusted ShopsTrusted Shops GmbH shows, what Shop operators must absolutely … [Read more…]