5 tools for customer management

With the success of the company, the demands on CRM grow. We show you which CRM software you can use to organize your customer jungle. Also read why the solutions also make sense for start-ups. A customer relationship system is not only relevant for large companies. Founders and freelancers are also confronted with the different needs of their users that need to be managed. They have to make appointments, answer e-mails, create invoices, provide customer support and much more. If you don’t switch to clever CRM software now, you risk losing control.

1st Zoho

With Zoho, you have a web-based CRM software at your fingertips that convinces with its variety of functions:

  • Send e-mails
  • Manage contacts
  • Plugins for connection to your own Google, Facebook, Twitter or MS Office accounts

… all this is available in the CRM tool’s scope of functions. Zoho is also available in several languages, including German. The company uses its own servers for data exchange, which are stored in the cloud. An export function is also available.

So many advantages are well received. Around ten million people use the CRM system. They can convince themselves of the software free of charge for 15 days. After that, the program costs $12 or more per user per month. Thanks to the Pay-as-you-go service, you can change or cancel licenses for individual users on a monthly basis.

2nd Nimble

Nimble is particularly interesting for entrepreneurs who are looking for a CRM solution for their social networks. With the system you combine all important contact data from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, e-mails and Skype messages in one inbox. In the future, you will be able to control all social media tasks and events from this inbox.

A trial version can be used for two weeks. After that, the CRM software costs 15 dollars per user and month.

3rd Batchbook

Batchbook is one of the CRM tools that is primarily aimed at small companies. This program also enables the integration of customer contacts and e-mail correspondence. Another hobbyhorse: Batchbook is compatible with external web services such as Disqus, Freshbooks or MailChimp. The software thus brings together plug-ins from various areas – including customer communication, marketing and accounting.

The price is rather impressive: The Essential version costs around 20 dollars, while the Advanced version costs around 40 dollars per user and month. Interested parties can use the CRM solution free of charge for 14 days.

4th Salesforce

Salesforce is at the forefront of CRM tools in the marketplace. The software is particularly well received by medium-sized and large companies and has received awards from Forbes, among others. The solution has a myriad of features that do not interfere with the user experience in any way.

5th MyLiveChat

If you really want to solve the problems of your customers, you need a good live chat software. MyLiveChat is one of the best tools of this kind and already has a lot of reviews online, check out this one for detailed information about the tool.

Special features of the CRM tool:

  • is highly scalable
  • online-based and therefore usable from anywhere
  • has a Social CRM solution

A free version is available for 30 days. After that teams with up to five members pay 27 Euro per month per user. For a fully-fledged CRM, however, you must invest at least 135 euros per month.

You want to introduce a CRM system? A good idea, because those who know their customers have a clear advantage. A few tips can help. The main thing is that you have a plan. Online surveys are an important marketing tool – and unfortunately they are used inflationary. How to use the tool correctly.